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Sharepoint Farm Architecture

Farm Architecture

Based on proposed Architecture approved by Business on Consulting stage, the architect design the Farms Architecture (Intranet, Extranet, Internet, Disaster Recovery), the Infrastructure Architecture (Firewalls, Routers, Switches, Servers).

He must guarantee the servers can be scaled up and out for future growing. In different scenarios using or integrating with Office 365 (Sharepoint cloud version) can be a good solution where you have Active Directory, Exchange, Lync and Sharepoint and Office products.

We decide which Sharepoint farm type can be configured for your organization - small farms (standalone), medium farms (2-3 tiers) or large farms (enterprise solutions) and. An important thing in the Architecture is the redundancy and the High Availability (99.5% service level agreement) assuring a flawless working.

Another important role we must take care of is to balance correctly the Sharepoint Services and Application Services on all the servers getting a good performance for users and hardware optimization.

The next step is followed by the creation of the web applications corresponding to each domain name, site collections for each desired site and the assignment of proper authentication for each security zones obtaining a strong security based on Microsoft best practices.

Record Center site that is responsible with the documents life cycle (exp. Expired contracts, archived documents)

Content Architecture

In many cases, from our experience, after Sharepoint implementations, the work with the content becomes chaotic without a good content architecture.

We establish the proper architecture based on the business collaboration strategies. The most important idea is the stakeholders and users must find easily the reports, KPI’s, Dashboards, procedures, useful links or other information.

The Project tasks lists, Calendars, Issues lists, document libraries, wiki pages, contact lists are important bricks in this building and we need to choose and arrange them carefully helping business to be well organized.

Defining content types (exp. keeping a single document format for complex forms) will standardize the work documents and avoid a lot of errors and discussions between departments.

Security Architecture

It is a must to design the security based on the content architecture and accordingly with departments and users requests. In this way the administration of the sites will become flawless, the escalations to 2 level support will be limited and will decrease the costs. The Sharepoint will become a friendly collaboration application and the users will love to use it.